Portuguese Water Dogs have either curly coats or wavy coats, are virtually non-shedding, but require almost daily brushing and professional grooming approximately every eight weeks.  PWD's are shown in the lion clip or retriever clip, while the retriever clip is a managable style for pet PWD's.

Jackie and her sire,  ICH Extra Ordinary Shahi van de Duca Vallei ("Artush") of the Netherlands are curly coated and are shown here in the lion clip.  All of my other dogs are wavy coated.

Photos below and on the subsequent pages are of our Painted River crew and  ups from prior litters in their everyday retriever cuts.

Portuguese Water Dogs are an active, intelligent, and highly trainable breed.  However, expect lots of chewing and mischief during the puppy stage.  The pup will likely chew on you and your possessions, will decorate the house with streamers of toilet paper, engage in counter-surfing, and will create lots of other mischief.  Obedience training for the pups and owners is certainly recommended. 

2014 Keeper pups!

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